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The Brothers.


We are a family company.  Bill, my musical brother (above) and I have come to maturity down different pathways. Me? I’m Harry. Bill and I both milked cows on our family's dairy farm in the SW of WA. We both headed off in our late teens. Bill to music and I to livestock and The Bush.

What we do now is give you the benefit of our collective years of wandering around the backtracks of WA. We know where those elusive special flowers hide. We have a wild flower season in WA that starts [ according to rains and temperatures, remember nature rules ] many miles north of Perth in early or late July and slowly moves southwards with the seasonal changes, into early December. The eastern boundary is even more hard to forecast and is a jagged line dictated, again, by winter rains. We do not predict ahead too much, we rely on local contacts, which are very reliable by the day. From this flexibility, it means we take you to the best of what is out and thriving in each sector, for the time of year. Added into the flower hunt are local features, creeks, gorges, hill tops, whatever the area has that is memorable and yes photogenic.

The How. We have two very comfortable, air conditioned vehicles. Fully serviced and maintained. No sore backs or stiff shoulders from bad seating. We do not do marathon drives. Our expectation is that, on site, at the end of the day you have done around 3-4 hours of broken shift drives, walked around exploring and finding special individual flowers such as spider or donkey orchids, enjoyed food and hot drinks or cold, had a chair to just sit and veg out, if that’s what you want to do on a break. Hey, lets be happy and full of joy. You will experience something very, very, special that replenishes your inner spiritual needs. Relax and let the spell of the red dirt and big open country in the north, or the magnificent Karri forests and massive ferns of the south, or our rugged coast line that wrecked so many Dutch and French explorers, weave its spell. It’s a great experience we offer and we work at caring and sharing, with, as well as for you. Oh! and we never cancel an advertised trip, once we have even just a single booking. “No worries mate”. Something that not too many people realise is that flowers like their comfort. They need warmth and sunlight to open and they also close down when it fades. The early bird may well catch the worm but flowers are not early birds. Our days once in a zone typically start with a move off after a leisurely breakfast around 8.30 ish and finish around 4pm ish with snacks and teas breaks in between, seated in comfort and with no pressure. Our hope is that you relax, enjoy the wonders of nature and replenish personal batteries.

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