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Conditions of Sale


Our web site carries specifics. 

PAYMENT & Our Liability

Tour prices quoted, include dinner, breakfast and two "smokos" where indicated, park entry fees, plus any other charges that relate to your itinerary. Routes may well be changed according to local conditions. This will only happen for safety or presenting a better tour according to local conditions. The only surety will be booked accommodation each day.

  1. Tour prices quoted include Dinner Bed & Breakfast plus Smoko (DB&B+S), park entry fees, plus any other charges that relate to your itinerary. Since lunch cannot always be promised, we cater for a big morning breakfast as well as an AM Smoko.  
  2. A non refundable deposit per person, per tour, equal to a one day cost of tour, is necessary to confirm your booking, when submitting this form or booking by phone. Should your original tour dates be changed, for any reason, the deposit is only valid within the calendar year in which it is made. Card Payment for Deposit can be accepted. A confirmation receipt will be issued, for all payments to us.
    1. Balance of tour cost is requested no later than 30 days before departure, by Electronic Bank transfer please.
    2. IF you're booking via a travel agent, then our conditions still apply, as well as any set by the agent.
    3. Deposits are non refundable.

NB. Travel Insurance makes lots of sense and we strongly recommend you to have it. We accept no liability for expense or inconvenience or tour cancelled or aborted for reasons beyond our control. We strongly advise that you protect your own interests and do have travel insurance.

Where State or Federal Governments within Australia have made conditions where our tours have to be cancelled, or you are barred by government regulations from travel to reach us, then we will refund all monies paid to us for your tour, excepting the holding deposit. 

International and other internal airlines are currently cancelling flights without warning. If you miss our tours departure we will not make any refund nor schedule you onto another tour. Liability is not ours and refunds will not be given.

However there are also other factors to consider such as inclement weather that floods roads, bush fires where roads are closed and habitat destroyed and other such Acts of God beyond our control, such as your or our illness whilst travelling. Your tour will stand at risk. We accept no liability, refunds will not be given.

Our motor vehicles are well serviced by registered top outlets and service records are kept. However we cannot forecast mechanical faults, that do not show at the time of service. Vehicles can  break down. Certainly we have top of the range policies with the RAC for recovery. However your tour stands at risk. We accept no liability for such events. Refunds will not be given.

We make no commitment to guarantee your on going travel connections. You should leave at the very least a 48hr gap between an expected ETA Perth and your next connection.

Again we say, Travel Insurance is there to protect you, it makes lots of sense.


Phone and transact from your card or email details, we take all major cards.
You can also make a direct bank deposit but please remember to email us payment information and receipts to with details.
Our Bank is the National Australia Bank.
BSB: 086366
Account Name: English Explorer Pty Ltd
Swift Code: NATAAU3303M (for payments from outside of Australia)
Account Number: 144340258


More than 30 days pre departure a non refundable deposit per person, equal to a one day tour cost, is required to confirm your booking and is non refundable. This can be made by phone when booking.

Balance of payment is necessary no later than 30 days pre departure. If booking through an Agent such as WA Visitors Centre, be aware also of the agents conditions which ours act in parallel to.


30 DAYS or less pre departure up to 10 days pre departure 50% tour cost refund. 

Less than 10days pre departure. "No Show" on day of departure NO refund.

Departing tour for any reason pre conclusion, NO refund.

Yet again we say Travel Insurance makes lots of sense.


Please provide any relevant information so that we can cater for your needs. Please be sure to have all personal medications with you, plus "a day extra, just in case".

Meals: Where possible, we eat at sit down commercial outlets, in country towns. Our location will dictate what or where. General food requirements such as Vegetarian and Gluten Free, you will be able to work around when ordering. Do remember though, you will often be in remote areas. However you will not go hungry, portions out back are generally “a good blow out”. 

Please do note, that regretfully we are unable to accommodate wheel chairs or walking frames of any form in our vehicles. You will need to be able to negotiate two small steps into and out of our vehicles and for seeking out flowers that “hide”, you will need some ability to walk short distances, without a frame. For general viewing of mass displays, you do not need mobility.

We insist on NO THONGS nor OPEN SANDLES for exploring the bush or savannah. No, we are not worried about living things, just sharp weathered stakes. There is no debate here.


All of our tours are dependent on "Mother Nature". We predict the passing of the seasons and the propensity of the flowers and species by past seasonal records and present seasonal prospects. We Can Not make guarantees about quantity nor quality of the flora, until it happens from seasonal conditions as we get into Spring. We give absolutely NO guarantees about what will be "on display" when we get there. We will consult and we will deviate to find the "best available" in each district. However we are committed to the accommodation that we have booked for each night of the tour. We will give our very best to each tour, there will be no refund discussion where nature rules beyond our control.

Any of our tours must be safe, as well as enjoyable. The driver/guide is fully empowered to make whatever deviations that local or unforeseen circumstances demand, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your visit. Seasonal conditions can also change quickly, so any changes we may make en-route are for YOUR benefit and enjoyment. Please do note that Western Australia was battered by cyclones in 2021 and has enduring the wettest winter in 2021 for around fifty years. All excellent news for farmers and those seeking a great season of flowers. Many towns though are still recovering and infrastructures have been damaged. Due to trades and skilled labour shortages some of our regular accommodation is not available. We are very conscious of your comfort and safety. IF an ensuite is not always available, it is simply because there is non in town right now that meets our standards. This matter needs stating up front. 

RETURN TO PERTH TIMES: You must not be reliant on a fixed return time for any travel connections. We do not undertake to meet fixed time transfers, so please under all booking circumstances allow a 48 hour buffer minimum.

Luggage: Please arrange for fixed solid cases to be checked in with your hotel, for pickup on return. Per person on tour we ask for ONE squashy zip up bag with no solid sides [ No Rucksacks! ] similar to hand luggage dimensions when flying. As a general rule, if it has wheels, it will be too big. ONE hand bag or personal item bag will need storing under your seat, so keep them small! Potable water for refilling personal water bottles is carried by us.

Hats and sun screen fully recommended, also long sleeves. ‘T’ shirts out doors are definitely not appropriate. Spring in WA means mid twenties Celsius  with occasional high twenties, even on a dull day the ultra violet is pouring in and you will burn, if you don’t “slip, slap, shove”. We don’t anticipate mosquitoes, but in a wet Spring, some repellent in your bag is worth having.

We supply a list of suggested "must haves" for you to check what applies to your circumstances.


All of our tours are planned to be in the best place for flowers, over a period of several months. So going north to say Mount Magnet, is viable and advertised for late July through August. Actual depart dates are set by the very first persons to book that tour. If we still have a spare seat or so on that tour, we will certainly include you, however be accepting that the dates are now fixed. Yes we do accept single bookings. If it’s still early August, then we will be available again later in the month and if you are first to book, then you set the dates and so on. However come the end of August and you may well have to look at an area further south, for best observations of likely flora…and so on throughout the Spring. All our tours are geared to getting the very best result from each area we visit and so times (by month) are dictated to us by seasonal conditions. For flowers, if seasonal conditions allow, then as a guide only, we expect to go north by late July and work south over the spring, finishing in about late November into December on the south coast. However we will work with you, to set up trip experiences for any time of the year that its practical. Check the suggested tours on our web site, several are all year round. Do contact us if you want to chat re possibilities.

Did you know that there are 12 thousand known species of wild flowers in WA and still counting with new ones too? Our staff are not Botanists. They have great laymen's' knowledge of our flowers, know where to find particular specie and the soil types needed for them to proliferate. They also know the Roads and Tracks of WA that enable them to get you to the most productive areas, at the best time of the year. We also have our own recces happening, both physical [ " We Know Because We Go," ] as well as digital. This is not an idle boast! Australia is 7.692m kmx2 [ USA 9.834m ] and WA is 2.646m kmx2 or 1/3 [ 0.882 ] of the continent? Texas is only 695,662m kmx2. So our people are carrying a great wealth of knowledge about our massive state and it's all at your disposal. Should you wish to have a qualified Botanist [ with their reference books too ] accompany you we can arrange this. Otherwise do take photos and we can help you contact our great Kings Park Botany people for follow up, digitally, en route. This paragraph is not a "Cop Out" it's a realistic statement on how you need not be frustrated and You may even discover a new specie which could possibly carry your name in its botanical reference.



We can negotiate special dates ‘some times’. We run to a schedule of dates and vehicles need servicing after every trip, we need breaks too. Our best advice is BOOK, by all means then contact us to finesse any loose ends. If you wish to book a PRIVATE tour for just your party and it will be less than five persons, then there will be a surcharge equal to the number of empty seat value. This Only applies in August and September which are peak booking months.

However we do understand that sometimes your dates may well be inflexible and just cannot match up with our schedules. Don’t despair, send us an email, or phone, with the very best that you can do and we do have plans B & C etc. Also let us have a phone number to call and chat on, this is the most productive for sorting issues.