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ABOUT THIS NEWS PAGE. It will be ongoing, with latest news from us, images from you, or of you and just interesting jottings. It will happen as and when time allows. Feel free to send us messages or anything you want to share with other persons using this page. Especially do tell us what went well and if you had any suggestions for us to do even better.

We will do our best to include all  suitable material, but may need to edit things for space.

Asking about a Discount? YES we can, please read on also meet the page editor Harry. You can always contact me at 

That is, Bill, my brother [ below pic ] and I, as you will gather, we know a lot of backtracks and and small towns in this great state of ours. We'd love to show you around and amaze you. So in these next few months we are offering a discount incentive, just to get our ball rolling and get out of town.


We went to Hyden via Kulin. The inner wheat belt right out as far as Wave Rock was getting heavy rain. Ground temperatures, till then were not winter cold and some flowers were actually coming through at Hyden. Certainly early and now with rain, yes we need more yet, a good Spring show could well be possible. 

We also went east via Kulin and paused at various examples of humour along "The Tin Horse Highway".

Flying it!


Over the last few weeks we have recorded hundreds of images from tours north of Perth. Just too many to catalogue with Captions, yes a few are but many not.

We have stored them at:

feel free to peruse and remember that..........