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Spring 2021

Hi Everyone!

Just been out with Harry and he's awesome! Drives (safely), smiles, chats, tells yarns but most of all kept us where we saw carpets of flowers every single day, once we got about 3 hours north  of Perth. It was all very relaxed, nothing too much trouble, yes we can go back and look, want images no problem and plenty of snacks in the comfy vehicle. Would I go again? Bloomin Oath, but I would want Harry.

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Great trip, great personal feel, enjoyable company, too much food :) the country side is ablaze and these guys just never missed knowing where to go.

Fantastic, very happy. :) :)

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Stephen Scourfield, West Travel Editor.

July 2020

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Lee Taite. "Have A Go News" Feature Writer

July 2020

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Kathryn O'Shea.

August 2021

Was all signed up to do a tour to Mt Augusta and so looking forward to it but have had to pull out. After some happy chatting with Harry I know I will book with him in future. I know I’m missing out on a great trip and the benefit of Harry’s local knowledge and years of experience which is why I’ll try again. Appreciate his generosity with my uncertain circumstances in refunding my deposit and also love the idea of accommodation being included.

My daughter and I were planning a trip with Harry to visit Western Australia and do a wildflower tour. My daughter mainly was contacting Harry but she sent me all emails sent between them.

Harry is a wealth of information and obviously loves his business.

Kathryn O'Shea 

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Faye Trompf.

Winter 2021

From the correspondence Harry must have spent many hours organising this trip. Tours, accomodation, day trips etc. His attention to detail was excellent. Food requirements, snack, fitness, clothing, charges and other services he provides.

We are very disappointed we cannot do this trip and hope we can do it next year.

We also feel for Harry in this difficult time of COVID.

He has refunded all money sent to him and is obviously a very genuine man.

Thanks Harry

Faye Trompf (Victoria)

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Trevor and Richard Elsegood

September 2021

From the very beginning Richard and I new we were going to enjoy the company of Harry.

 Harry is a man of lots of information including a detailed agenda for the next day. Clear instructions!

 We covered a wide area of the Midwest from Perth to Kalbarri visiting various areas of wildflowers.

The numerous highlights included the Wreath flowers at Pindar, the carpet of everlastings at Coal Seam Park and the William’s farm at Badgingarra with it’s wide variety of wildflowers spread over 1000 Ha.

We would recommend to anyone who  would like a very friendly 7 days looking at wildflowers and taking in such things as the Pinnacles and museums etc.

Harry has to be congratulated on running a very friendly and professional tour and I would thoroughly recommend the same.

 Kind regards.

Trevor & Richard Elsegood.

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August 2021

I had an enjoyable trip.  I found Harry amenable, considerate and accommodating.

Overall, I found Harry to be a good driver on country roads ( I am from the country).

Kind regards


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July 2021

I met The Queen! ( of Sheba Orchid )-- also Royal Hakea 


For years I have tried to find The Queen of Sheba orchid. I have had mud maps and and determination but she has evaded me till this year. I was a bit skeptical about some body being assertive about taking me and at the worst  ( because of the weather) just seeing a closed canopy, but also of being very sure of this worst case scenario. I took a punt and......... A great trip. Friendly, safe, good food, and no BS. Yes I am going on another with Harry in late Spring to explore Albany and some of the secret spots he knows. He travels for his clients, discusses options and tries hard to fulfill expressed wishes. What more can one ask?

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Frances Bradfield

September 2021

Have been back a week from a wonderful 7 day trip with Harry. These are just a few of the great aspects of it. I am happy for you to use my name if you want.

.the freedom of a small group and Harry's ability to tailor things to suit us. (He kindly detoured to Geraldton on our 2nd day to get my phone fixed at Optus)

. Harry's knowledge of the best places to see the flowers, often where large groups couldn't go. I specially enjoyed going to places with virtually no other people.

.loved the picnic lunches rather sitting in cafés.

.I realised that it really mattered to Harry that we were enjoying the experience and seeing so much. This is often not the case in larger groups with preset schedules.

.I hope to take another trip with Harry, maybe next year, to see the Southern wildflowers.

I would certainly recommend the company especially to my NSW friends, if they are ever allowed into WA. I have already told various people here about the trip and how much I enjoyed it.

I hope these thoughts help. I could have gone on more

Best wishes Frances Bradfield

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October 2021

I have lived most  of my life in Europe, my long visit to Western Australia is work related and flight proscribed. My trip to view bush orchids came from a need to see as much as possible and take home, some long term memories.

I got more than I bargained for! The flowers especially the 14 species of orchids we took images of in just a few hours were beyond my expectations. These people do KNOW and more importantly, WHERE TO GO. No blundering hopefully around and then time worn apologies or "they were here last week" excuses. 

1) Was I well looked after and my needs discussed or considered? 5/5. (2) Was I comfortable, well fed, good accommodation  and felt safe? 5/5 (3) Would I recommend the company to friends?  YES! I have already mailed several 5/5 again and I add it was excellent value.

Harry has been in many interesting country based occupations and it was fascinating to hear background information about places and people going back for many many years. I felt considered and consulted, by the end of five intriguing days I also new a bit of Aussie Bush Speak. Good on Ya Harry Mate. 

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Global Travel

July 2022

Hi Susan,

No, Harry was very knowledgeable and helpful.

I had given them an alternative tour  earlier on when we first started enquiring, so still debating.

But, answer to your question – no, Harry was great.

Kind regards,

Julianne D'Alessandro

Owner / Manager

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Chas & Paula

season 22

Thank you Harry. We are considering booking for a peak time in 2023. Like how you do business, and looking forward to meeting you.


 Chas & Paula 

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Season 2022

Hi Harry - we are so looking forward to this. I’ve been watching your weather & getting anxious Siam very pleased to hear you’ve had rain so hopefully we’ll have flowers. Not long now & we’ve bought your measurement bags so no worries for you.

Cheers Cath

Sent from my iPhone

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Spring 2022

Our FISH [ Friendly, Informative, Supportive, Helpful. ] score is 5/5 for you Harry and Team!

 We had a wonderful trip. Very informative with courteous, knowledgeable guide Harry. Hard to pick the best areas. The sheets of everlastings were amazing but just as enjoyable were the perennials at Kalbarri & Don’s farm.

Cheers Cath & Huntly

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Gwen and Jim

Spring 2022

Good afternoon Harry.

Thanks for a truly great experience with your tour. Jim and myself really enjoyed being out in the bush. The wreath flowers were amazing. I agree between Mount Magnet and Paynes Find was a spectacular show. We have settled back into life in ######. I tried to find out the story of the aboriginal rock art we saw but I haven’t been able to source any information. I wish you happy travels for the rest of the wildflower season Oh by the way I rate you Excellent!

Gwen & Jim

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December 2022

Who said that WA only has a flower show in Spring. Well I guess it is where Spring happens to be happening at the time of the  year. If I was back in Europe I would be able to cross several countries borders in a 1000km journey and expect a range of climates too. Well you can do this in Western Australia, the climate changes I mean. Perth was peaking in the high twenties and the south coast in the low ones so from thin shirts in the early mornings in Perth to extra layers as we went south. The country side was green and bursting with spring rush, farmers were right into hay making and the country side was sweet smelling and verdant. Check the WFST page on FB for some of my trip images. Added to the scenery was my knowledge for bush survival. Yes people do get lost, disorientated, panic and ............ I can now navigate by my watch and the suns shadow, light a fire without matches even in pouring rain, get water from tree leaves and more importantly recognize a major growth that yields food and water all over WA. I came back invigorated and highly respectful of the years of Bush Knowledge that I gleaned many thanks all of you guys at WFST and especially your guide crew.

Pommy Shelah,

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Ann & Kel

April 2023

12 Day General Tour.

Friendly                   5

Informative              4

Supportive               5

Helpful                    5

Further comments

We wanted to revisit places in the south west of WA which we had visited 20 years ago and see some new places. Harry was very helpful in putting together an itinerary and making the arrangements for a comprehensive and very interesting trip. Along the way he was particularly obliging in waiting around when we went off for long walks.

Ann & Kel.

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July 2023

Hi Harry,

I hope you have had a couple of days of relaxation since we returned from our wonderful trip to the south coast.

I have attached the feedback form as requested, with my rating on ALL counts at 5/5+

Thanks again for a wonderful trip.

Kind Regards


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