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1-Day Perth-Fremantle Shopper

Perth, Fremantle- Day Shopper.

Care to join us for the “Real Thing"? Not just reading about what might be, but book and know you soon "will be"! Dare to DO! 

This luxury tour is available throughout the year.

Flexible departure till booked.

Once booked we never cancel, within our control. Yes, single person bookings are accepted.

Tour Costs, fully inclusive of meals, coffee snacks plus all other associated costs, admissions etc.

  • Full Tour tariff including either luxury hamper Lunch over looking the Indian Ocean or a luxury hamper Dinner watching a sun set into the Indian Ocean. Wonderful !
  • There are few places in the world to match our WA sunsets where the sun suddenly vanishes leaving a series of bright orange glows in the sky. Added to this is the fact that you are watching the sun go down to the west and disappear into the waters of the Indian Ocean.

 We use our Mercedes EClassic salon vehicle for up to 3 pax or Delica for up to 6pax.

Tour Cost $600 per pax Fully Inclusive. 

We have hosted a marriage proposition with Canapes and Champaign and fortunately she did say "Yes".

To register your interest in embarking on this tour, where we craft the itinerary to meet your needs, please inquire by clicking here

This is another of our “Flexi For Friends” tour days - and Available ALL Year - we can have you doing what you want to do, be where you wish to be and much, much more since we live here and “we know, because we go”. Want to shop? Eat and sit in the sun? See the sights and walk a bit, See the sights without a walk? Any combination, plus more, is possible. We discuss, we produce and we focus for you… Guaranteed!

What follows is just to give you ideas. I came to WA from UK 50+ years ago and the beaches here just captured everything I had ever dreamed of and still do! I adore eating fresh fish and we have so much choice. Australian wines have a palate that just cannot be copied, they are big, bold memorable and affordable. Shops, yes fashion by classic brand names that are known world over, to the less serious markets and everything in between. Souvenirs? All sorts shapes and sizes, even a free lesson right then, when you buy your Didgeridoo.

Beaches, river, sights, lets do a sample Walk About…..Western Australia was well known to the Dutch East India Company since the 1600’s then came the French [Captain Phillip just beat La Perouse into Sydney, literally by days!] and England worried about their lethargy in claiming all of Australia before it was too late. Albany was the very first settlement right down south, in 1826 [yes we do a focus tour to Albany and our SW] Fremantle and Perth were later in 1829. Lets head to Fremantle via Kings Park a 400.6hctr stroke of genius right on the edge of the city, with great views over the convergence of the Swan and the Canning Rivers, as well as for orientation back to the ancient coast line of the Darling Escarpment.

Kings Park also has a leading international botanical standing and many displays of our 12000+ wild flowers are featured during Spring, Wireless Hill is also worth a visit. You don’t have to “Go Bush” to find our wild flowers… know where to look!

Our time is limited though, so onwards to the coast, via a run along the picturesque Swan River and then divert to Cottesloe’s Indiana Tea Rooms for a Smoko, followed by a coastal run south to Fremantle….what about a walk around one of the markets? Watch a street entertainer or two? Hungry? There are many restaurants but what about if we were to sit out on the jetty at the Fishing Boat Harbour and have a fresh cooked fish meal? Or is coffee and crowd watching the way to spend some time, especially if it’s warm and sunny. More shopping? Or do we do a historical tour? After all Fremantle was where the first serious settlement of WA began. What ever the decision, we are fully flexible to make your day very special and also give some insights about life as it was back then in 1829.

This tour is Available ALL Year!