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7-Day SPECIAL Wild Flower Tour

7 Days Wild Flower SPECIAL
Cervantes, Morawa, Mullewa, Cue, Mt Magnet, Paynes Find.

Care to join us for the “Real Thing"? Not just reading about what might be, but book and know you soon "will be"!  Dare to DO! The best dates are late July to end of September.

Flexible departure until booked.  The booking page explains departure choices.

Once booked we never cancel, within our control. Yes, single person bookings are accepted.

Tour Costs, fully paid DB&B+S plus for all associated costs such as park fees.

Season 20/21 fades as great memories ( check our photo gallery )  and we move on . Please be sure that nothing is set in stone, our goal is to make each tour fabulous for you, so we do ask what your own goals are and usually manage to weave them into each special bespoke tour. Contact Harry: 0407 085 097 for a friendly chat.

Bookings with a 10% Discount are available for returning clients and their family members to travel with them at any time.

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  • Full Tour tariff: $4200 p pax. Less any applicable discount.
  • Single Supplement: $4500

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Lets get a good start, shake the city off and head north. We head up the new coast road connection from Lancelin, then duck off to see The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park. These sandstone  “Needles” of rock have been formed over eons by wind blown sand. On the heath just before the Pinnacle Desert, it should yield our first native flora. We then head north again to the fishing town of  Cervantes. Time for a “Pit Stop and Smoke oh” about now. [ First Lessons in Australian S’Language: Pit Stop? Well once upon a time, before flushing loos, earlier generations had a deep hole, or Pit. Don’t worry nowadays they flush and have soft paper etc  Just like home! Smoke oh is a Bushman’s term for stopping, usually mid morning and mid afternoon, for a Cupa and a Rolly. Yeh, a Rolly referred to a roll your own cigarette . Before we all learned better! ]

Just north of Leeman we turn east to wards Eneaba and Three Springs passing the Yara Yara lakes on the way. Our destination is Morawa where we will spend the night. Hot showers and relax before Dinner. This has been our biggest day for getting north.

DAY 2 & 3

Morawa is a great place to start serious flower investigations with several faithful places that are reliable for both orchids and everlastings. We will spend most of our day around this area. Yes Smoke oh too! Botanical information and names are in the Bus Information Packs you will each have, to assist with identification and habitat. Yes, new species are still being identified!


Mullewa is not far north from Morawa, just a short drive but its special as we know where the Wreath Flowers proliferate

Getting off quickly from Mullewa, after an easy previous day is going to get us to Pindar, a somewhat abandoned but not yet derelict “whistle stop”. We then head north again and into the real Red Dirt Outback. Our quest now is Wreath Flowers. We will actually loop back south onto the  Mt Magnet Road again to get to Yalgoo.  We head next to historic Cue and some refreshment. After a look around Cue townsite, length determined by time, we will unwind ready to spend the night in or close to Cue.


We are now well north of Perth, way ‘Out Back’ in the red dirt country, which opens up a wide area for  exploring. Walga Rock is a reserved site, with Aboriginal rock paintings visible. Memorable and timeless records of the nomadic people of this big state. A unique glimpse of an ancient culture.


Paynes Find is real red dirt outback country. To get there we pass through some of the most diverse and colourful everlastings carpets that you will see any where..


We meander as and where the flowers take us, as we head slightly west and south through Coomberdale and Miling, exploring granite out crops where orchids hide.

The traffic starts to mount up as we go south, trucks grind northwards, fully laden with two, three or even four trailers. Road Trains of up to 56mtrs in length become common.

Soon you will be thinking back to those big, big, clear starry skies, the silence and the space, together with air that is so clean, it smells and tastes good.

You will have seen, encapsulated in just a few days, so many contrasts and marvels. You are among a very privileged few. We enjoy what we do and we hope to have given you a life time of memories