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We went and Met the Queens, July 9th 2023


Please note that because of uncertain weather and necessary temperatures to get the Queen to open, we need you to have some flexibility and work with us regarding departure. Royal Hakea is much less demanding!

These are exclusive 4 day tours.

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there will be no more than two trips and bookings are already coming in.

The Queen of Sheba is for some the Holey Grail of Orchids. Not every one who seeks them out is successful and some have spent years hoping and exploring. We have two reliable sites but nature rules and it's all a question of timing. You will need to be prepared to be flexible and ready to go on a twenty four hour notice within a time frame of mid July to late August. We will be making no more than two trips inside this time and possibly only one. The factors at work are, weather and Kangaroos. Both can be major influences on quality of the blooms. We have a record of success and we also take you to some other special places during these 2 once a year trips. Please do get in touch and book if you wish to reserve a seat. Seating reservations are based on full up front payment and some seats are already booked for 2024. 

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