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Perth, Katanning, Jerramungup, Bremer Bay, Quaalup, Ravensthorpe, Hopetown.

Care to join us for the “Real Thing"? Not just reading about what might be, but book and know you soon "will be"! Dare to DO!

Best dates for this tour are between late September and December. Flexible departure till booked. Booking page explains departure choices.

This is a FOUR DAY Tour that includes a different focus to just hunting specimens. We visit an Apiarist on the western side of the park in Bremer Bay and discuss the place of pollinators in nature. On the eastern side we meet up with a licensed seed collector and have a dedicated park visit with him as guide and mentor. The scenic aspects of the park are not neglected and there is continuous search for specimens to be imaged and remembered.

Once booked we never cancel, within our control. Yes, single person bookings are accepted.

Tour Costs, fully paid DB&B+S plus for all associated costs such as park fees.

  • Full Tour tariff: $2000.00 p pax.
  • Seniors Concession: $1800.00 p pax.
  • Single Supplement: + $400.00 p pax.

To register your interest in embarking on this tour, please inquire by clicking here.

This is a unique 4 DAY tour, as it includes us meeting two professionals with differing commitments to “The Mighty Fitz” . Each has a deep involvement and practical daily contact with this southern area of immense bio spherical value.

We visit both the western and eastern sides of the park as well as having time within it’s boundaries. We meet an Apiarist and a Licensed Seed Collector. Both are committed experts and see the park from different perspectives. Plenty for us to discuss and learn from these dedicated practitioners.

The Fitzgerald River National Park is 329,882 hectares in size, making it one of the largest in Australia. Bordering “The Mighty Fitz” are the seaside towns of Bremer Bay to the west, and Hopetoun to the east. The farming communities of Jerramungup and Ravensthorpe are located inland, on the northern edge of the park, inside the biosphere's zone of cooperation.

In May 2017, The Fitzgerald Biosphere has retained international significance after United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation approved the site as a biosphere reserve. Click here for more info.

Fitzgerald River National Park was included in the National Heritage List on 6 May 2016 for its outstanding diversity of native plant species, including many plants which are unique to the local area. Click here for more info.

Our visit is one of thoughtful enquiry, coupled with love of environment and our magnificent WA flora. Seasonal calendars run later on the south coast and our seasonal indicators are best from end of September into December. The park holds some 20% of the known WA floral specie and to be able to appreciate it through the eyes of our two experienced environmentalists, each passionate about care and protection, provides a truly unique experience, quite different to just taking images as one passes through.