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We reside in a huge state, Australia is 7.692m kmx2 [ USA 9.834m ] and WA is 2.646m kmx2 or 1/3 [ 0.882 ] of the continent? Can you start to imagine the size? It translates into about a four day drive from top to bottom of WA .

So any one day tour has to be completed in around 4 hours each way, ie aprox 8 hours...or a bit more. This can be sights and experiences around our friendly city, a run into the surrounding country side, or a slice of both.

A leisurely run down to Margaret River for lunch, with stops along the way is certainly in order and Augusta return is not impossible. If you want to add a night away then the south coast with Albany as the over night, fits quite well.

Depending on the season of the year the tone of a one day experience changes. Summer days mean water and winter days mean comfort and warmth. Spring means flowers [ WA has between 12k and 13k species of wild flowers! ]

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Tariff. $800 p pax p day all found NO extra for Single Supplement. 

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We are going to take you well north, through the Shires of Murchison, then Upper Gascoyne, right up to the Shire of Ashburton. We actually cross the Tropic of Capricorn at 23S. There is a big sign on the road side, so we will stop for commemorative images! Exmouth our destination is nudging 22S. Just to get things into perspective, check the comparative map alongside. We will be well and truly Up North and in station country. Have you ever seen a 360 degree horizon or ant hills 2 metres high? You will up here and the red dirt has a special ancient country smell about it. As with ALL of our tours the package includes daily Dinner, Bed and Breakfast, as well as a big Smoko fitted in ‘somewhere’ since lunches are dictated by location and time of day. We do make sure you are well fed, rested and enjoy personal attention. Timing for this tour is June to September. Flora will vary according to rain fall over the winter, so we have added many other attractions like the Dolphins at Monkey Mia and Yamarji Art Centre, to name just two.


We hit the road from Perth and head north up the India Ocean Drive. Our first stop is the Pinnacles Desert with its amazing limestone formations. It’s then a leisurely drive to our next destination, Dongara thence to Geraldton a major location within the Cray Fish industry. The HMAS Sydney Memorial which is in honour of the 645 sailors lost in battle in the 2nd world war is also sited here. We include a visit to the Yamarji Art Centre which is run by the local indigenous people from where they support and develop local artists living in the Yamarji country region. We also drive through the historic town of Northampton and see some wonderful scenery including the Hutt Lagoon….[ Ask us about the Hutt River Provence and Prince Leonard. A long and intriguing story ] …..of the brilliant Pink Salt lake and Pot Alley. Wild flowers could be blooming in this area, depending on winter rains. We arrive in Kalbarri late afternoon. Dinner options are in house or Finlay’s seafood restaurant which is a great opportunity to meet the locals and try some cheeky wines and cold beers.


Breakfast at Kalbarri, then on to Monkey Mia. We will take in some breath taking scenery on the way, stopping at the famous Loop and Natures Window gorges which are a photographers dream. The next stop is the Shark Bay World Heritage Area which is renowned for it’s pristine white beaches, turquoise water and striking red dust sand hills. We visit the Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool. These living fossils are over 3 billion years old and the board walk offers excellent views of them. Also on our list is shell beach made up of cockle shells and the spectacular Eagle Bluff lookout where you may be lucky to see some Lemon Sharks, Turtles, Sting Rays or Dugongs. We arrive at our accommodation in Monkey Mia late afternoon and you can take a walk or a refreshing swim before dinner.


An amazing breakfast watching the dolphins frolic close to shore. Board our 3 hour dolphin cruise to see the dolphins and an array of sea creatures including sting rays, turtles and lemon sharks. We head next to Carnarvon which is the gateway to the Gascoyne area, renowned for its tropical fruit especially bananas and mangos. Lets stock up for later consumption! It is also the start of sheep and cattle stations and you may see the wild camels that roam this area. They were brought here by Afghan Camel Drivers who used them to haul wool to the Carnarvon One Mile jetty where it was loaded onto coastal sailing vessels and shipped to Fremantle for auction and then on shipping to spinners and weavers around the world. On the morrow we will visit the One Mile Jetty, which was built in 1897 to reach deep water.

DAY 4 - Carnarvon to Coral Bay 

This morning we will take in a tour of the Carnarvon Space & Technology Tracking Station and the Overseas Telecommunication Centre 2019 was the 50th birthday of the station and celebrated by a wonderful bunch of ‘Trakkies’ who manned the station back in 196 Arriving in Coral Bay after lunch we will check in and then kick back and enjoy the ambience. There is also a good chance of some “Live Music”

DAY 5 - Coral Bay to Exmouth 

After breakfast we will go out on a glass bottomed boat and snorkeling cruise. A fantastic experience as you view the reef and also you can do a “drift” through hundreds of colourful tropical fish and the magnificent coral formations. Following lunch we head north up the Coral Coast to Exmouth. On our way we will stop at Charles Knight Pass which is akin to a mini Grand Canyon. There is also spectacular scenery as we drive on top of Cape Range.


These days Exmouth is known for it’s Whale Sharks and it’s Ningaloo Reef but back in the 60’s/70’s it was also known for it’s telecommunication centre named the Harold E Holt Naval Communications base. A joint project with USA as part of their global armed services network. Holt was a former Prime Minister of Australia. Exmouth has a prawning industry, so if in season, these may well be on our menus. We take a cruise at Yardi Creek to enjoy the stunning gorges, local flora and fauna. After lunch it’s time again for another “drift” over the colourful coral and tropical fish.

DAY 7 - Exmouth to Wooramel 

An easy drive down the Coral Coast to our destination the Wooramel Riverside Station Retreat, where you can soak in a natural hot springs pool. In the evening the fire pits will be lit cooking some tasty Aussie tucker. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere and maybe a song or two.


We hit the road cruising down the coast heading for Mullewa renowned for its wildflowers. If in season we will spend some time at a couple of known haunts. We also know the where abouts of some of the furthest south, Aboriginal Rock Art.


An easy run down the inland road stopping at Morawa and Dalwallinu to take in the wildflowers, if it’s late winter or Spring, and then to Perth. You will have seen, encapsulated in just a few days, so many contrasts and marvels. You are among a very privileged few. We enjoy what we do and we hope to have given you a life time of memories.